Louis Armstrong´s 50 Hot Choruses For Cornet

As Recreated By Bent Persson Vol. 3-4

In 1927, the Melrose Music Company asked Louis Armstrong to record 125 Jazz Breaks For Cornet to be published in written form and serve as help and inspiration for all the musicians playing the stock arrangements they were selling on a large scale.

from Laurence Bergreen: Louis Armstrong - An Extravagant Life:
"Throughout the world the name of Louis Armstrong is known to thousands of musicians," Melrose advised his customers. "Many of the greatest hot men we have today, men who have enviable reputations as recording artists, will tell you they conceived many of their tricks and ideas from the Armstrong style of playing." In conclusion, the publisher urged, "If you want to get hot and stay hot, memorize these breaks. They will prove invaluable to jazz cornetists as they may be used in playing any and all dance melodies."

The 125 (actually 119) Breaks sold so well that Louis later in the year was asked to record 50 Hot Choruses For Cornet. In fact 53 were published.

Kenneth CKS 3413

produced by Gösta Hägglöf
vol. 1-2         vol. 2-3


  1. Copenhagen
  2. Someday Sweetheart
  3. Sidewalk Blues
  4. Jackass Blues
  5. Easy Rider
  6. The Chant
  7. Sugar Foot Stomp
  8. Grandpa´s Spells
  9. Dixieland Blues
  10. Chicago Breakdown
  11. 29th And Dearborn
  12. Chattanoga Stomp
  13. Mr. Jelly Lord
  14. Darktown Shuffle
  15. Panama Blues
  16. Dallas Stomp
  17. Stomp Your Stuff
  18. Tampeekoe
Bent Persson/Karin Kristensson/Björn Larsson
Jens Lindgren/Hans Brandgård/Kaj Sifvert
Tomas Örnberg cl ss/Göran Eriksson as/
Jan Åkerman ss/Claes Brodda cl ts
Håkan Kristensson as/Lars-Göran Ohlsson cl as/Jan Boström cl ts
Morten Gunnar Larsen/Keith Nichols/Ray Smith
Ulf Lindberg/Anders Lindén
Bo Juhlin/Carl Jakobsson/Mats Engström/Mats Jungner
Göran Lind
Tommy Gertoft/Göran Eriksson/Klas Lagerberg
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Christer Ekhé