Dick Cary

The wonderful world of
Hoagy Carmichel

Kenneth CKS 3410

../Bent Persson, an Armstrong devotee, masterfully opens and closes Rockin' Chair on trumpet, a highlight of the CD./..
  1. Little Old Lady
  2. New Orleans
  3. Harvey
  4. The Nearness Of You
  5. Rockin' Chair
  6. Kinda Lonesome
  7. One Morning In May
  8. Ev'ntide
  9. Snowball
  10. Riverboat Shuffle
  11. Skylark
  12. Lyin' To Myself
  13. What Kind O'man Is You
  14. Kissing My Baby Goodnight
  15. Love Is Like A Cigarette
  16. Swing Down In New Orleans
Dick Cary tp p ah arr
Doc Cheatham tp vo 16
Bent Persson tp 5 8 10 12 14 15 /arr 5/
Claes Göran Faxell tp 5
Staffan Arnberg tb
Claes Brodda cl as ts /arr 14 15/
Erik Persson ts bars
Jan Åkerman cl ss as vo
Mikael Selander g
Olle Brostedt sbs
Göran Lind sbs
Bo Juhlin tu
Sigge Dellert dr

Gösta Hägglöf producer