Carol Leigh and her Bent-Dickie Boys

Special Delivery




from Walter Schaap's liner notes:

Bent Persson is a very gifted Swedish musician who was the arranger on the date. He is well acquainted with the Armstrong recordings and lives up to the challenge of sounding remarkably like Satchmo on both cornet and trumpet.
  1. Baby
  2. The World´s Jazz Crazy, And So Am I
  3. Santa Claus Blues
  4. Reckless Blues
  5. Come On, Coot, And Do That Thing
  6. Changeable Daddy Of Mine
  7. G´wan I Told You
  8. The Flood Blues
  9. Too Busy
  10. Good Time Flat Blues
  11. How Do You Do It That Way
  12. St. Louis Blues
  13. Sweethearts On Parade
  14. Find Me At The Greasy Spoon
  15. Special Delivery Blues
  16. You´re A Real Sweetheart
  17. Adam And Eve Had The Blues
  18. Just Wait´ Til You See My Baby Do The Charleston
  19. A Man For Every Day In The Week
  20. Livin´ High
  21. Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me
Recorded 1997 at Gateway Studios, Kingston, Surrey, England by Steve Lowe.
Mixing and editing by Björn Almstedt at Europa Studios Stockholm
Carol Leigh vo

Bent Persson
tp co arr

Goff Dubber
cl ts

Neville Dickie
p org

Martin Wheatly
g bj

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