The Queen - Maxine Sullivan
vol 1

Like Someone In Love

Kenneth CKS 3402

  1. For All We Know
  2. I´ll Be Seeing You
  3. How About You?
  4. A Cottage For Sale
  5. I´m Through Width Love
  6. Goodnight My Love
  7. Like Someone In Love
  8. Button Up Your Overcoat
  9. It´s The Talk Of The Town
  10. Dearly Beloved
  11. You Made Me Love You
  12. Bewitched
  13. Just One Of These Things
  14. Bill
  15. Love Is Here To Stay
  16. Am I Blue?
  17. I´ve Got A Feelin´ You´re Foolin´
Bent Persson tp /arr 2 12/
Jens Lindgren tb
Göran Eriksson as /arr 5/
Claes Brodda ts
Erik Persson ts
Björn Milder p
Mikael Selander g v /arr 10/
Olle Brostedt sbs g
Göran Lind sbs
Sigge Dellert dr
Ronnie Holmkvist g
Anders Rabe g