The Queen - Maxine Sullivan vol 3

There Will Never Be Another You

Kenneth CKS 3403

  1. Three Little Words
  2. More Than You Know
  3. I've Got A Feelin' I'm Fallin'
  4. They Say
  5. I Just Couldn't Take It Baby
  6. I Thought About You
  7. There will Never Be Another You
  8. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (p-solo Björn Milder)
  9. It Don't Mean A Thing
  10. Love Is The Thing
  11. When A Woman Loves A Man
  12. Candy
  13. 'deed I Do
  14. I Must Have That Man
  15. Sweet And Lovely (p-solo BM)
  16. My Heart Stood Still
Bent Persson tp /arr 2/
Göran Eriksson as
Claes Brodda cl ts
Erik Persson ts bars
Björn Milder p
Mikael Selander g
Olle Brostedt sbs g
Göran Lind sbs
Sigge Dellert dr
Ronnie Holmkvist g
Anders Rabe g