Alain Marquet & Bent Persson
Melody Boys

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues


recorded 1990 in London
by Dave Bennett

  1. Four Or Five Times
  2. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
  3. Mahogany Hall Stomp
  4. Sweethearts On Parade
  5. Roses Of Picardy
  6. I´m Goin´ Huntin´
  7. It Takes Love To Cure The Heart´s Disease
  8. Beau Koo Jack
  9. Beale Street Mama - (wrongly titled Aggravatin´ Papa)
  10. Big Boy
  11. I´m Forever Blowing Bubbles
  12. Oh Daddy
  13. Because My Baby Don´t Mean "Maybe" Now
  14. The Japanese Sandman
  15. Agitation Rag
  16. You´re A Real Sweetheart
  17. My Gal Sal
from the liner notes by Richard B. Hadlock - author of "Jazz Masters of The 20's"
"Out of the hundreds of repertory groups now flourishing around the world, who are the creative individual players? High on the list, I submit, is trumpeter (or cornetist) Bent Persson. He has served a distinguished apprenticeship, repeatedly proving himself as exemplary bandsman and near-clone of Louis Armstrong. Now he seems to have internalized all that and to be getting on with his own playing. It's not a new story; Red Allen, Cootie Williams and Hot Lips page, among many, went through the same process. "