On Revival  Day


CD 1294
NOTES by Richard Hadlock

    Longtime collectors of 78 RPM records remeber well the thrill of turnign up the occasional obscure item by an unknown group which proved to be a terrific jazz band. It was a great payoff for hours of sorting through piles of gritty rejects.
    A similar kick awaits the jazz CD collector who has yet to hear Sweden's Kustbandet and its remarkable trumpet soloist Bent Persson. Here is a dedicated, swinging company of able musicians who double as jazz scholars. They know their 'twenties and early 'thirties American music, whether it be called jazz, hot dance, big band, stomp, swing, New Orleans, Ellingtonia, blues or just popular songs of the time.
    The old days of European attempts at jazz, when rhythm players were wooden and horn sections rendered rigidly "proper" readings of band charts, are fortunately gone forever. Kustbandet could easy be taken for a 1929 teritory band out of, say Dallas or Omaha. This happy sound, as American as a Misssissippi riverboat, now belongs to the world.
  1. Hop Head
  2. Jungle Blues
  3. Money Blues
  4. Do Something
  5. That´s My Home
  6. Star Dust
  7. Gee Baby,
    (Ain´t I Good To You)
  8. Rent Party Blues
  9. Hoosier Sweetheart
  10. Black And Blue
  11. Puttin´ On The Ritz
  12. Freeze And Melt
  13. Rockin´ Chair
  14. That Rhythm Man
  15. Patrol Wagon Blues
  16. On Revival Day
  17. After You´ve Gone
  • Claes Göran Faxell tp
  • Bent Persson tp arr 5-7 9-10 13-14 16-17
  • Ola Pålsson tp vo
  • Jens Lindgren tb vo
  • Bo Juhlin btb tu
  • Göran Eriksson as cl arr 2 4 8 11
  • Jan Åkerman as ss cl
  • John Högman ts bars cl
  • Åke Edenstrand p
  • Göran Lind sbs
  • Hans Gustafsson ban g
  • Christer Ekhé dr vo

    • Keith Nichols arr 1 12
    • Claus Jacobi arr 3
    • Rolf Koschorrek arr 15
recorded  1992-4 in Stockholm by Lars Johansson