CKS 3401

Dear friends of music!

Kustbandet have during the last 30 years become famous as genuine exponents of New Orleans music and the early swing music of the Jazz Age.
It has been a great pleasure to spread the original, American jazzmusic all over Sweden - and the world -on tours, concerts, records, radio- and TV-shows in over 20 countrys. Even on Nobel Prize galas!
A few years ago we started to discuss the possibilities of recording an album of Swedish compositions and arrangements. Here you are!
As soon as jazz had obtained a firm foothold in Sweden in the 1920's, the Swedish jazz-musicians started to write their own music. "KUSTBANDET IN SWEDEN - ÖSREGN" is a tribute to some of those pineers: Folke "Göken" Andersson, Thore Ehrling, Charles Redland, Helge Lindberg and "Miff" Görling to name a few (as a "special gift" to our listeners we present two compositions by our own members Ola Pålsson and John Högman).
Many of the numbers on this CD have never been recorded before, not even by their composers. The original scores are from Svenskt Visarkiv's Jazz Department. In some cases we have transcribed the music from recordings of the era. Some of the arrangements are being played as written, others have been modified to suit Kustbandet's Harlem-style lineup and still others are early swing style originals by the band members mentioned above.
We have had a lot if fun while making this album. Now it is your turn to enjoy our music!

Jens Lindgren BANDLEADER
  1. F & Bb7 (Ehrling)
  2. Heavenly Music (Görling)
  3. Stackars Vi (Redland)
  4. Snöfall (Redland)
  5. Hon är En Skön Juvel (H. Lindberg)
  6. En Liten Sång Om Dig (F. Andersson)
  7. Honeymooning (Ehrling)
  8. Ösregn (Görling)
  9. Rhythm In Blue (F. Andersson)
  10. Slå Dig Lös Och Ta Semester (Axelsson-Paddock)
  11. Tillie (F. Andersson)
  12. Archipelago (Pålsson)
  13. Drömmen (Högman)
  14. Kärlek är Kärlek (Axelsson-Söderblom)
  15. Regntunga Skyar (Ehrling-Eckert Lundin)
  • Claes-Göran Faxell tp
  • Bent Persson tp /arr 1-4 6-10 14/
  • Ola Pålsson tp vo /arr 12/
  • Jens Lindgren tb vo
  • Bo Juhlin btb tu
  • Göran Eriksson as cl /arr 5 15/
  • Jan Åkerman as ss cl srec
  • John Högman ts cl /arr 13/
  • Åke Edenstrand p
  • Göran Lind sbs
  • Hans Gustafsson ban g
  • Christer Ekhé dr vo
produced and recorded 1990-1 by
Gösta  Hägglöf