Pam Pameijer's New Jazz Wizards

The Music Of Louis Armstrong Vol. 1



Album Notes: Daring, perhaps audacious, you say, to re-create the famous and fabulous mid-twenties recordings of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven. But please reserve any judgment until you've heard this remarkable CD. To those of us familiar with the musicians Pam Pameijer has gathered, the result is not that surprising. The factors that makes this work are the idiomatic understanding and longtime familiarity with the source recordings by the musicians on this CD; look at the front line: Bent Persson from Sweden, the foremost Armstrong disciple; Matthias Seuffert, the young Doddsian-styled clarinetist from Germany; the remarkable Jim Snyder, who embraces Kid Ory's trombone style as no one else can. Add a vigorous rhythm section anchored by Vince Giordano's powerful tuba playing, and the result is a CD that is surely one of the very best Stomp Off has produced. A rich portrait of Louis Armstrong by Joe Mathieu on the front, also.

  1. My Heart
  2. Got No Blues
  3. Skid-Dat-De-Dat
  4. Jazz Lips
  5. Wild Man Blues
  6. You Made Me Love You
  7. I'm Not Rough
  8. Sweet Little Papa
  9. Cornet Chop Suey
  10. Georgia Grind
  11. Don't Forget To Mess Around
  12. I'm Gonna Gitcha
  13. Dropping Shucks
  14. Alligator Crawl
  15. Gut Bucket Blues
  16. Yes! I'm In The Barrel
  17. Melancholy
  18. You're Next
Lil Hardin 1-4 7 12-13 18
Louis Armstrong 5-6 9 11 15-16
Kid Ory 8
Spencer Williams 10
Fats Waller 14
Marty Bloom 17

transcriptions and arrangements
Bent Persson 1 5 9-11 15-16 18
Matthias Seuffert 3-4 6 8 12-13
Tom Roberts 2 7 14 17
recorded in Hartford, Connecticut 2000
Tom Roberts, Matthias Seuffert, Vince Giordano, John Gill

Bent Persson, Pam Pameijer, Jim Snyder