I'm leading or being part of
"Music furnished for all occasions
- Nothing to big, Nothing too small
- 15 pieces or less"
Jelly Roll Morton
Kustbandet swedish flag

world renowned big band
in the early style

Rydskogen Joymakers swedish flag

swinging big band
from my home town
Thomas Winteler's Jazz Serenaders

Swiss band playing Bechet and Dodds

Bent's Jazz Cocktail swedish flag

Formed to play in Hälleik 2020 with vocal trio

Bent Persson Hot Five

feat. Thomas Winteler
playing early Armstrong and Bechet

the following have disbanded, are in "deep sleep"
or rarely playing

Swedish Jazz Kings

world touring 5-piece band playing jazz from the 20's

Stockholm Classic Jazzband swedish flag

6-piece New Orleans Jazz group that made it to
Carnegie Hall
Hot Jazz Trio

the Armstrong Prize winners of 1999
touring in Japan 2004

Harlem Jazz Camels swedish flag

8-piece Swing group playing
the authentic jazz of the 30's

Union Rhythm Kings

the best Norwegian-Swedish cooperation so far
Svensk Ramelorkester swedish flag

8-piece Dixieland group playing
the music of Povel Ramel

Persson's Jazz swedish flag

3-piece brass plus banjo

Jazzin´Topzies swedish flag

young big band playing
early Ellington & Henderson

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