Louis Armstrong´s 50 Hot Choruses For Cornet

As Recreated By Bent Persson Vol. 1-2

" During the Chicago days I was sharing office with Walter Melrose of the Melrose Music Co.. One day, in 1927, Melrose said he was going to publish a set of Louis Armstrong breaks, but there was a technical problem of getting the Armstrong "hot" breaks down on paper. Finally, Melrose and I hit on the idea of having Armstrong record his breaks. We bought a $15 Edison cylinder phonograph and 50 wax cylinders, gave them to Louis and told him to play. The cylinders were duly filled up by Armstrong and the "breaks" were copied into written form. I transcribed the "breaks", which were published. These were not orchestrated at any time and were not made for that purpose. I had all the records (cylinders), later I turned them over to Melrose. When I was in Chicago, in 1949, a collector was offering £1.000 per cylinder but Melrose and I could not find them."
The Elmer Schoebel story, Doctor Jazz No. 32 (Oct. 1968)

Kenneth CKS 3411

produced by Gösta Hägglöf
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  1. Bucktown Blues
  2. Jimtown Blues
  3. Kansas City Stomps
  4. High Society
  5. Café Capers
  6. Angry
  7. New Orleans Stomp
  8. Dead Man Blues
  9. Slippery Elm
  10. Mobile Blues
  11. The Pearls
  12. Black Bottom Stomp
  13. Wolverine Blues
  14. Chimes Blues
  15. Weary Blues
  16. Tin Roof Blues
  17. Dr Jazz
tp:  Bent Persson

tb:  Jens Lindgren   Bob McAllister

reeds:  Tomas Örnberg cl ss   Göran Eriksson as
  Ole Höst ss   Mats Söderqvist as

p:  Ulf Johansson   Åke Edenstrand
  Hans Hultman   Chris Hopkins

tu:  Bo Juhlin   sbs:  Göran Lind

ban:  Göran Stachewsky   Kjell Söderqvist   Holger Gross
  Rune Lindberg   Olle Nyman

dr:  Christer Ekhé   vo:  Nils Rehman