Louis Armstrong´s 50 Hot Choruses For Cornet

As Recreated By Bent Persson Vol. 2-3

"A few years back I took my dog-eared copy of 'Louis Armstrong's 50 Hot Choruses' and a cassette of Bent Persson's readings of those near-mythical solos to Lu Watters' home in Cotati, California. Lu followed each chorus on paper and smiled his approval as Bent performed with extraordinary confidence and passion. Watters revered Louis and rationalized that his own early retirement was right since, among the considerations, he would never get close tp Armstrong's genius anyway.

I think Lu would have agreed with me that Bent is better able to think Armstrong in his solo work than almost any revivalist player"

Richard B. Hadlock - author of "Jazz Masters of The 20's

Kenneth CKS 3412

produced by Gösta Hägglöf
see: vol. 1-2        vol. 3-4


  1. Spanish Shawl
  2. Tia Juana
  3. King Porter Stomp
  4. Sobbin' Blues
  5. She's Crying For Me
  6. Hot Notes
  7. Froggie Moore Rag
  8. London Blues
  9. Milenberg Joys
  10. San Sue Strut
  11. Livery Stable Blues
  12. Wa Wa Wa
  13. Some Of These Days
  14. Grace And Beauty
  15. Milenberg Joys*
  16. Snag It*
  17. Maple Leaf Rag**
  18. Sugar Babe**
  19. Steamboat Stomp**
tp & co
Bent Persson /Hans Carling
Jens Lindgren /Gunhild Carling /Kaj Sifvert /Ulf Johansson
Tomas Örnberg cl ss /Göran Eriksson as /Max Carling cl /Matthias Seuffert cl ts /Frans Sjöström  s
Ulf Johansson /Ray Smith /Ulf Lindberg /Gerd Carling
Bo Juhlin
Göran Lind /Göran Stachewsky
Kjell Söderqvist /Göran Stachewsky
Holger Gross/Aina Carling/Jacob Ullberger (also g)
Christer Ekhé /Sigge Dellert /Ulf Carling

New recording sessions took place:
*jan 30 2000 with an 8-piece band and
**feb 15-16 2002 with Hot Jazz Trio w Ulf Johansson